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IPGet Patent Search System will automatically upgrade the older version of database . As follows:

1. Uninstall the earlier version IPGet Patent Search System. when uninstall, the DB an Elec directorys will not be uninstalled.

2. Install the new version  IPGet Patent Search System to the same dir with the eariler version to override it.

3. login the system. System will upgrade the database to the new version in the first run. Unless the official website do major changes and user has download large amounts of data, An upgrade will be completed in less than one second,Users do not feel. If the process is slow, please be patient waiting.

Note: About the portable package's upgrade

If you use the portable package, Don't directly overwrite  the existing portable package with the latest portable package, this will overwrite the database files and electronic files and can't restore anymore.First, User need delete the DB directory and the Elec directory from the newest portable packaging, then user can use the rest of the files to overwrite the old files,

If you have any questions about Upgrade of IPGet Patent Search System, please do not hesitate to contact us or post in the IPGet Patent Search System forum.