Intellectual Property Informationization Website(IPWOM) Provide Patent Search System、Patent Download Software etc intellectual property products and Patent Statistical Analysis etc services

IPGet Patent Search System's Application Menu Bar has the functions related to the whole system. 

1. File

Login: User can switch to another account by this menu item.

Change Password: User can change account's password from here. only Enterprise Version has this menu item.

Recent List: Show the recent patents opend by user.

Exit: Exit the System.

2. View

Themes: User can switch IPGet Patent Search System to different themes from here. below is the view to switch "Office 2010 Black".

Panes, Toolbars, Status Bar: toggle the visible of the Bars.

Languages: Change the UI's Language of the System. Only Enterprise Version may have this menu item. 

3. Tools

Database Config: Config the database connection parameters.Only Enterprise Version have this menu item. 

Options:  Config the UI font,proxy etc...

Translate: Open the translate tool.


New Window: New a grid tab to show the query result.

Close: Close the selected tab.

Cloase All But This: close the tabs except the selected tab.

Close All: Close All tabs;

Windows List: show the current window list;


Help: Open the online help document on the web.

About: Show the information about IPGet Patent Search System.