Intellectual Property Informationization Website(IPWOM) Provide Patent Search System、Patent Download Software etc intellectual property products and Patent Statistical Analysis etc services
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IPGet Patent Search System allows to adjust the ui display , you can adjust the font, the grid result display, the proxy settings and so on,

IPGet Patent Search System,IPGet Patent Download Software

Proxy Options: At present CNIPR, SIPO's documents is not in the standard 80 ports, but in 8080 ports, 8080  port has the possibility to be shielded by the network manager. If you can view document on ie, but uses IPGet can't download the documents, then 8080  port is possible shielded. you can set the proxy options same with the ie proxy options here.

If you have any questions about Options Configuration, of IPGet Patent Search System, please do not hesitate to contact us or post in the IPGet Patent Search System forum.