Intellectual Property Informationization Website(IPWOM) Provide Patent Search System、Patent Download Software etc intellectual property products and Patent Statistical Analysis etc services
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IPGet Patent Search System allows user to configure the number of download  threads and download   interval for each website, So can reduce the probability of be blocked and faster download speeds .

IPGet Patent Search System,IPGet Patent Download Software

The Timout(ms) item's format: ResolveTimeout,ConnectTimeout,SendTimeout,ReceiveTimeout.  in milliseconds.

Note: The number of threads is limited to the eight.  Too many threads is too easy to be blocked. Once the IP is blocked, may affect other colleagues with the same ip access to the same site .

Patent efiles' save directory for can be configured.

IPGet Patent Search System,IPGet Patent Download Software

Note: The configuration of parameters will not take effect immediately until the next login. If you want it take effect immediately, exit the system and then login.

If you have any questions about Parameter Configuration of IPGet Patent Search System, please do not hesitate to contact us or post in the IPGet Patent Search System forum.