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IPGet Patent Search System Enterprise Edition use Sqlserver database, Therefore support multi-users cooperative manage patents.

In Enterprise Edition, the Default Projects Node and its child nodes are shared, the patents in these node can be managed by the users who has the rights.

IPGet Patent Search System,IPGet Patent Download Software

User can create the Projects Node's sibling node, these nodes are personal project nodes.

The new created sibling node is priviate, only can be seen by the user who crate it.

User can duplicate or move his patents to the sharing nodes or carry on the opposite operation.

IPGet Patent Search System,IPGet Patent Download Software

Also supports creating child node in the personal project nodes. In Patent Search from, the downloaded patents can be saved to the share project nodes or personal project nodes.

Therefore, IPGet Patent Search System suits the multi-people to co-manage patents.

If you have any questions about Share the Patents of IPGet Patent Search System, please do not hesitate to contact us or post in the IPGet Patent Search System forum.