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IPGet Patent Search System's downloaded files are saved to the efiles.

User can create directory in efiles by himself.

The tools in the tool bar are below:

1.  : Add files from computer to the efile's current selected tree node.

2. : Open the selected file.

3. : Delete the selected files.

4. : Export the selected files to computer.

5. : Rename the selected file.

6. : Merge the selected files to a single pdf file.

7. : Attach the selected files to a outlook email.

8. : Open the corresponding directory of the efile's current selected tree node.

9. : Refresh the file list.

10. : Export the file list to a .xls excel file.

11. : Close the efile.

Efiles is well integrated to outlook and windows os, user can drag or copy files between them.

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