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When select different node in Navigation Tree, Grid Tool Bar will show different commands corresponding to the tree node.

Below are commonly used commands:

1. : Re-download the patent data from the web.

2. : Create a new patent data by hand.

3. : Open current selected patent.

4. : Delete the selected patents.

5. : Generate a word document from the selected patents, use the selected patents's data to replace the data mark in the word templete.

6. : Open current selected patent's efiles.

7. : Export selected patents's efiles to the OS's directory.

8. : Open the web page of  the current selected patent.

9. : Export query result to a .xls excel file., click the arrow icon will show .

10. : Export the query data to a .xls excel file by call Office Excel API. User can choose the fields and the format to export.

11. : Print the query data.

12. : Refresh the query data.